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Super Homecoming Mum

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Product Details
Brand: Homecoming by Erica

This mum second largest size mum we offer, ideal for high school aged children. This mum comes on a necklace for easy wearing. The wearer of this mum will stand out from the crowd as it allows for significant add on's!

Seniors often pick an all white and silver or gold color selection -OR- all white with a "personality" color that best suits them.

  • 7.5" flower with plush mascot head in center (add flowers for double, triple, quad)
  • Upgraded crown surrounding flower(s)
  • 36 inch ribbon length (24 inch for sash options)
  • Name(s) looped on ribbon in glitter stickers (up to 2 names)
  • Two braids 
  • Printed and solid homecoming ribbons
  • Garlands and trinkets

*Some mums pictured include various add on's and upgrades

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